Author of ‘Waxing is Useless‘ – Vol. 1 of The Luna Chronicles, M.J. is currently working on Vol. 2 which will (hopefully) be hitting the bookshelves in 2020!

M.J. grew up in the Pacific Northwest enjoying many outdoor activities until auto-immune issues turned her into a pale, indoor dweller dependent on AC. A Christian constantly under construction, she is a voracious reader who enjoys mysteries, comedies, science fiction, and fantasy of all kinds.

After being diagnosed with Lupus she facilitated a support group for over 15 years attempting to educate and spread awareness of this difficult disease. It was during this time she decided to write a series of books highlighting the issues of chronic illness using a humorous format.

Currently, M.J. works as a blogger, and a freelance writer at Art Chowder Magazine. In her spare time she enjoys working with multiple writers groups, painting & hiding rocks, cooking/baking. Her guilty pleasures are shortbread cookies with tea, bad “B” movies, and any kind of monster hunter TV show.

On this site you will find short stories, #blogbattle entries, and interviews with artists/authors of the Pacific Northwest.

Always interested in feedback, please feel free to leave comments, share with friends, or hit the Like button. Thanks!

Here’s the legal thingy. **All pictures and stories shared here are the property of the artist. Please do not copy or share without express permission from the artist.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Let me start by saying how impressed I am with this wonderful blog. I could not sign up fast enough after reading your wealth of inspiring and thought provoking interviews. You provided the artists with great thought provoking questions, which allowed the reader to understand how the mind of an artist works. I feel silly that I have just discovered you before now, but I guess my head has been so buried in trying to keep the New Moon Art Gallery alive and well, that I am missing a whole wide world of interesting art related endeavors all around me.

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