Glass and fire and Frybarger, oh my!

Ever heard of Spokane, Washington?  Congrats to you if you have. It’s been mentioned a few times on the national news, and let’s be honest, usually not for good reasons. We seem to have our share of haters, serial criminals and freaky weather.  What a lot of folks don’t know however, is that Spokane is surrounded by award winning wineries, has more than a few marvelous micro-breweries, is home to the countries largest, annual 3 on 3 basketball competition “Hoopfest” as well as the famous “Bloomsday” walk/run. It’s biggest secret however is its thriving (and growing) authors & artists community, some of which I am blessed to actually know. So many creative folks and so little time *happy sigh*.

Our first foray into this amazing art scene will be a quick look at my pal Ken Frybarger. I met Ken through his lovely wife Carole. Carole, a spit-fire with a heart of gold and a great sense of humor, is his favorite sales chick and model. Ken can best be described as a gentle giant. At over six feet two inches tall, his physical presence could easily dominate a room, but his calm demeanor and sweet, easy smile puts everyone at ease. Together these two red heads are a true dynamic duo.

Ken runs his glassworks studio out of his garage using a glass-melting technique called “lampworking”. He learned his craft at Pilchuck’s school under renowned Seattle glass blower Dale Chihuly. When asked about his work he says he “enjoys playing with the optics” and boy does it show. His work is a constant offering at the Tinman Gallery in the historic Garland Business District and he and Carole show and sell his creations at many of the art shows around Spokane and it’s surrounding areas. Below are a few pictures of the artist and his amazing creations. Enjoy!


FrybargerKen Frybargerglass5 Frybargerglasskendantsmarbleken

Interested in learning more about Ken?  Visit his fb page!

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